Nikolai, a young boy will be released from correctional home. His teacher Dimitrij is particularly attached to him and uncertain about his future. He is having doubts about the way his father will treat him. Father bullies Nikolai and the boy hits him with a shovel. Nikolai believes that he has killed him and secretly returns to correctional home. Dimitrij finds the boy hidden by other delinquents, but tragic events caused by misunderstanding are on the way...

16:9 / FULL HD / Colour / 2017 / 15' / Slovenian

Available: Festivals

Genre: Fiction (Real image)
Topic: Drama
Production Country: Slovenia

Production company: Blade Production
Director: Andrej Košak
Cast: Julij Kump, Vlado Novak, Leon Kadrija, Žan Matko, Valter Dragan, Maja Martina Merljak, Nena Tokalić, Blagoj Veselinov, Urban Kuntarić, Vladimir Vlaškalič, Aleksandra Balmazović

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